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Here's How You Know When To Repaint Your House Exterior

May 21, 2024

Deciding when to repaint your house exterior depends on several factors, including the type of siding you currently have, its age, and your personal style. Most exterior paints should last 10-15 years. In our experience, there are five signs it may be time to repaint your home’s exterior.

1. The Paint Is Flaking or Faded

One of the most obvious signs to repaint your home is faded or flaking paint. This could either be because the paint is at the end of its service life or because it wasn’t applied properly in the first place.

Most exterior paints will keep their color and integrity for several years. A high-quality paint or solid stain that’s applied correctly may last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If it’s been a decade or so since your house was painted, it’s not uncommon to notice some fading.

If your paint is fading prematurely, it could be a sign it wasn’t applied properly. Uneven distribution or applying only one coat can cause paint to fade in some areas faster than others.

Flaking paint on the exterior of a house

2. You Notice Dust, Mold, or Mildew

It’s normal to see some black, green, or brown specks of dust, mold, or mildew on your home’s exterior. Mold can grow in spots that don’t get a lot of sun or in places with excess moisture. It could also mean there’s a build-up of dirt since mold feeds on dirt. If you have trees around your home, particles of sugary sap can make their way to your siding and are the perfect food for mold and algae.

You can take care of mold spots pretty easily by washing the outside of your home, but it will eventually return. Painting your home’s exterior helps ward off mold and mildew spots for longer stretches of time. High-quality exterior paints have mold-resistant properties and can prevent mold from growing in the first place. Some newer paints, like Sherwin Williams’ Rain Fresh Technology™, use self-cleaning technology and will shed dirt when it comes in contact with rain or water.

3. New Siding Is Out Of Your Budget

Painting or repainting your current siding is more economical than a brand-new exterior. According to a local, West Michigan roofing and siding company, siding replacement for an average two-story Michigan home will cost between $30,000 – $45,000. In comparison, most PMV exterior painting estimates fall between $10,000 – $20,000.

High-quality paint applied correctly will make your home look brand new and keep it looking its best for years to come—all for a lower price tag.

4. You Want To Be Environmentally Conscious

New paint also avoids the environmental impact of throwing away old siding and buying new material. Vinyl siding was first introduced in the 1960s and has become the most popular option for new construction. But, because it’s made from PVC, Vinyl siding is not biodegradable. It can be recycled, but only in specialized facilities. If you do decide to replace your home’s exterior, consider exploring sustainable or recyclable siding options.

5. You Want To Give Your Home A New Look

Maybe you’re in the mood to freshen up the outside of your home. Painting is a great option because of its versatility and durability. Whether you want to make a bold statement with a darker color or highlight unique architectural details, exterior paint offers endless potential. You can even paint trim, shutters, gutters, and soffits with an accent color to create contrast and increase curb appeal.

You might also be surprised at what can be painted. PMV has painted aluminum siding, vinyl siding, cedar shakes, brick, and more. The key is proper preparation and application techniques.

PMV has standardized our process for exterior painting to ensure the highest-quality results, every time. We start by checking windows and trim and recaulking any compromised seals. Then, we soft wash the outside of your home to remove any dust, dirt, or mildew.

The last step of prep is to protect all surrounding landscapes and hardscapes with masking and sheeting materials that won’t damage your plantings. When it’s time to paint we use at least two coats for an even and uniform surface. If we’re using a spray applicator, our painters go back over everything with a brush to make sure the paint adheres properly to the surface and also to make sure the paint is evenly distributed to ensure a uniform and long-lasting finish.

Freshly painted exterior of a house.

PMV Custom Finishes Is Your Local Exterior Painter

With a history of going above and beyond to provide unparalleled customer service, PMV Custom Finishes has the expertise to take on any residential painting project. We believe that proper preparation and application techniques are the key to making your home look amazing for years to come. Feel free to schedule a free estimate online or contact our office with any questions at 269.276.0907.

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