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Katie VanderLaan

Katie Vanderlaan
Accounting & Human Resources

As Phil VanderLaan’s wife, Katie VanderLaan has been involved with PMV Custom Finishes since the beginning. Katie has worked part time for PMV since 2001 with some time off to stay home with their three children, Taylor, Drew, and Mackenzie.

Katie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Calvin College, and now wishes she had taken more accounting and business courses to help in her role in Accounting and Human Resources at PMV.

She has a passion for design and enjoys helping customers with color consulting when they need a little extra help.

This passion, as well as a desire to help those in need in our community, has led Katie to set up a new ministry with a friend called Sparrow & Nest Design. This ministry’s mission is to help those transitioning out of homelessness by providing a comfortable home through donated furniture and décor.

Work, ministry, and motherhood take most of Katie’s time, but when she does have free time you will find her curled up with a good book or enjoying time with family and friends.