In-Home Cabinet Refinishing And Refacing in Portage & Kalamazoo, MI

Your Kitchen, The Heart of Your Home

When friends and family gather, they always seem to linger in the kitchen.  At PMV Custom Finishes we know you want your kitchen to represent the warmth and style of your family, and we can help make that dream a reality.  With our specialized refinishing process, you can have the look and value of brand new top quality cabinetry at just a fraction of the cost.

Less Hassle, Less Headache, More Happiness

Many homeowners underestimate the time, money and stress involved in a total kitchen or bathroom renovation.  An average kitchen can take between 4-8 weeks, a bathroom 4-6.  During that time your room is unusable, contractors are coming and going, and the costs keep adding up.  When replacing cabinets there are almost always added costs not originally factored in that reveal themselves during demo and installation.  New cabinets necessitate new countertops, while these are not required when revamping existing cabinetry.  In addition, hidden costs such as take-out meals can add up and bust the budget.  Our quick and easy refinishing or refacing options will keep your time without a kitchen or bath to a few days and save you from weeks of chaos in your home.

A Green Option: Don’t Trash, Transform!

If you are happy with the current layout of your cabinetry, but not with its current look, In-Home Refinishing or Refacing could be the answer.  Our environmentally friendly process allows you to reuse and restyle your current cabinetry with a brand new finish.  This keeps your cabinet boxes, many of which are made from formaldehyde-filled materials, out of the landfill where the chemicals will leach out over time.  In addition, reusing current materials saves more than just your budget.  It saves on all resources such as trees, electricity, and fossil fuels that go into making new cabinetry.

Steps for Successful Cabinet Refinishing or Refacing

  1. All cabinetry doors and drawer fronts are removed from existing cabinetry
    1. Refinishing:  Removed pieces are taken to our shop for finishing in our state-of-the-art spray booth
    2. Refacing:  Removed pieces will be properly disposed
  2. All floors, countertops, appliances and walls are protected with tape, plastic film, paper and cardboard as necessary
  3. Plastic “zip walls” are set up to seal off the area to be sprayed and prevent fumes and overspray from entering other areas of the home
  4. Exhaust air tubes and fans are set up in the work space to pull fresh air into the home and push any fumes and dust outside during the process
  5. HEPA air scrubbers are set up inside and outside the work area to virtually eliminate dust from migrating throughout your home
  6. Existing exterior faces of cabinets are prepped for paint and sprayed with two coats of our top-of-the-line GreenGuard certified catalyzed conversion varnish in color and sheen chosen by client
  7. While onsite finishing is being completed, cabinet doors and drawer fronts are finished in our spray booth with two coats of GreenGuard certified catalyzed conversion varnish to match onsite cabinet boxes
    1. Refinishing:  Original doors and drawer fronts are prepped for paint and hardware holes are all filled to facilitate new hardware (if necessary) before receiving new finish
    2. Refacing: Brand new doors and drawer fronts in style chosen by client are finished in our shop
  8. All cabinet doors and drawer fronts return to the job site and are reinstalled.  Door and drawer rubber bumpers are installed for quiet close.  Hardware is installed.
  9. Once work on site is complete, all equipment is removed, all refuse disposed, and floors swept/vacuumed prior to us leaving the job site
  10. An evaluation survey is provided to our client so we can continue to develop and improve our services

“Everything looks wonderful; we are so pleased.  The guys were all very polite and did their best to keep the mess and dust to a minimum.  Thank you!”

Mary J.

“We are LOVING our fresh New look that your crew has completed for us!! Thank you!”

Gwen B.
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