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A) Both Refinishing and Refacing are great environmentally and budget friendly options if you are content with the overall footprint of your current kitchen. Refinishing reuses the current doors and drawer fronts. We will remove the old finish and paint the exteriors of all your cabinetry. A new color and new hardware results in a brand new look with a small price tag. Refacing allows you replace the current doors and drawer fronts for brand new ones with a new style. We will remove the old finish from the cabinet boxes, and paint them to match your new doors. The result is the same kitchen footprint but a completely renovated look.

A) What does it cost to refinish the average kitchen? This is our most frequently asked question, and one of the most difficult to answer. From current condition of cabinets to the custom finish choices, there are so many factors in each project that it is difficult to give a general ballpark. We can give you a quick and easy estimate if you email us a few photos and a count of how many drawers and how many cabinet doors are in your project. If that estimate intrigues more interest, we can come out and give you an accurate, on-site proposal and discuss the options for your unique project. Estimates are free of charge.

A)We are usually on site finishing for 3-5 days, including our prep work and painting. After that time we will remove our equipment and your kitchen will be yours again. Occasionally we will require some additional time to finish the doors and drawer fronts in our spray booth, so you may have a few days with no doors on your cabinets, but you will be able to cook and use the kitchen normally during that time, just with slightly easier access to your dishes.

A) PMV Custom Finishes isn’t just our name, it’s our specialty! Bring us a photo or a sample of the look you love, and we will recreate it for you. We will develop the color and technique to match your ideas and provide you with a sample to approve before we begin work on your cabinets.

A) Absolutely. We do not sell hardware, but can assist you with the installation of your new hardware. Make sure to discuss these options with us when planning your project so we can be sure any holes from the old hardware are filled and provide a clean slate for your new hardware.

A) We carefully prepare the space before we begin work to minimize and virtually eliminate any fumes and dust from entering your home. We block off air vents, build a temporary plastic wall to seal off the work space. We set up temporary exhaust tubes and fans to create a negative vacuum inside the work space that keeps fumes and dust from entering other areas of your home. Finally, we set up HEPA air scrubbers outside and inside the work space as an added measure to keep your home clean. We understand the pain of a dust filled house so we work hard to eliminate that from the equation!

A) We cover your flooring and cabinets with paper. Once you’ve disconnected your fridge and stove, we will move them as needed. Your mounted appliances will covered with plastic to ensure their protection.

A) You do not need to be home during the project, but you are welcome to be. Our work will be contained to the project area, so the rest of the house will be mostly unaffected. However, some clients like to schedule the work to be done while they are out of town to avoid the hustle and bustle of on-site work. If that sounds like more your style, we will take good care of your home and make sure it is locked and secure each day when we are done.

A) Yes. In order to allow us to prepare the cabinet faces and to ensure the best finish on your project, it is best for us to have a clean, empty work area.

A) Yes. We remove all the doors and drawer fronts and take them back to the state-of-the-art spray booth in our shop. Cabinet face frames and exteriors are finished onsite.

A) The products we use are specifically designed for kitchen and bath environment. Our products resist staining and and fading from UV light. We use catalyzed Acrylic Urethanes and Conversion Varnishes that are used by High End Cabinet Manufactures around the country. With proper care and maintenance, your cabinets will stay looking ‘new’ for as long as you own your home.

A) Caring for your newly finished cabinets is an important part of ensuring the look you love will last a long time. Visit our “Aftercare” page for detailed instructions for caring for your cabinets.

A) Yes. We are a fully insured company in the State of Michigan to provide painting and decorating.

A) Yes. PMV Painting and Decorating, Inc. is fully licensed in the State of Michigan as a Maintenance and Alteration Contractor.


A) We request 50% of the project total when the project begins. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the job. We accept cash & checks.

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